Our Approach:

Proactive maintenance and inspection is the most effective way of detecting and correcting the effects of aging and degradation of critical electrical components in power plants. In recent years, EBI has observed a growing number of failures and near failures at plants due to improper inspection and maintenance of the system critical bus duct systems as well as a general heightened interest in lessons learned about these components to avoid making similar mistakes. The fact is, these components are not maintenance free. Most OEMs recommend maintenance yearly, at every scheduled shut-down, or at a minimum of every 24 months. Proactive utilities are not only performing routine health assessments of their bus duct systems, but implementing best practices for proper inspection and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the system, resulting in less down time and increased operational efficiency and safety.

Turnkey Solutions Include:

  • Online EMI diagnostics
  • Offline visual inspection
  • Cleaning services
  • Testing (Hi-Pot & Megger)
  • Repair/refurbishment
  • Welding (SMAW, TIG, & MIG all alloys)
  • Silver-plating (Aluminum & Copper alloys)
  • Flex-link/braid/hardware replacement
  • Insulator/insulation/support replacement
  • Troubleshooting
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