IPB damage
IPB fabrication

Our Approach:

EBI makes the most of what you have while renewing your warranty, guaranteeing quality and minimizing downtime.

In the past, power generation facilities had to rely on the original OEM provider to repair, improve or modify their existing isolated bus duct systems.  This has proven to be expensive and slow. In fact, some OEMs state that they design their bus to minimize maintenance.  The reality is that 50% of bus duct failures are due to poor installation or improper/inadequate maintenance. 

Remove the middle-man (and the mark-up) and go straight to the field servicing source.  EBI has nearly 50 years of experience helping our clients improve operations of their system critical components to remain competitive and efficient in today’s power market. We specialize in equipment life extensions, upgrades, replacements and repair of your system critical electrical components from all major OEM’s, offering our clients unbiased solutions that have YOUR best interest in mind.

EBI offers a complete turnkey solution that can support and improve your operations in today’s competitive power market. When it comes to IPB service technology and a best practices approach, we can advise and support equipment life extensions, refurbishments, modernizations, replacements and other enhancements. Whether planning new construction, life extensions or critical electrical component improvements, EBI will deliver measurable results and support you for the life of the system and beyond.

Turnkey Solutions Include:

  • GSU transformer change-outs
  • AUX transformer installation and change-­outs
  • Generator breaker installation and change‐outs
  • PT/SA/VT cubicle installation and change‐outs
  • Isophase retrofits
  • Isophase modifications
  • Isophase reverse engineering for component replacement or repair
  • Installation and retrofit of high‐power direct-­current (DC) bus systems
  • On-­site fabrication and silver plating
  • Cooling system replacements
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