Do you know who to call when an emergent or unexpected failure occurs on your plant’s medium or high voltage electrical equipment from the point of generation to the grid? EBI’s rapid response team specializes in emergency repair services and has been pioneering innovative emergency services and solutions for the power generation industry for over 47 years. Our goal is to improve productivity and efficiency and get you back online as quickly and safely as possible.

24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Services (877) 297-0616

IPB Emergency Parts & Services

Our rapid response team delivers permanent solutions that get you back online as quickly and safely as possible with reliable and lasting results. Your emergency outage is our top priority. Our team is nuclear qualified and offers in-house emergency parts and design services to nuclear, coal gas-fired, hydro and solar plants.

Turnkey Solutions Include:

Non-Seg Emergency Parts & Services

Inexperienced contractors can wreak havoc on non seg bus systems. In fact, most of the non seg emergencies we receive calls for are the direct result of others inexperience. Our highly trained technicians, however, have decades of experience and offer unprecedented 24-7 emergency support.

Turnkey Solutions Include:

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