Our Approach:

The non-segregated bus online visual inspection will give a broad overview of any visible areas of concern on the system. Documentation and photographs of potential problems will be outlined to assist in identifying locations for weather intrusion or visible damage that may need attention.

An EMI Diagnostic Test is an online, non-invasive test that can detect a wide variety of defects in your non-seg systems, generators, motors and associated electrical system components. Maintenance recommendations can be provided on the very first test.

EMI Testing measures a broad spectrum of radio frequencies from the temporary placement of a single split core radio frequency current transformer around the power conduit, safety ground or neutral lead of the component being tested. Radio frequencies are analyzed in order to determine patterns which are able to identify corona, gap discharges, random noise and arcing, which is produced by mechanical defects. A hand held “sniffer” is utilized in conjunction with the EMI Test to further identify and pinpoint each defect location.

The Visual Inspection and EMI Diagnostic Test together will provide an overview of areas to focus on for your next outage. EBI will provide a detailed preliminary and final report outlining recommendations for any areas of concern that are discovered during the inspection and test.

Our Non-Seg Online Inspection & EMI Testing Expertise Includes:

  • Non-invasive EMI testing (online)
  • Thermal imaging (online)
  • Detailed preliminary and final report detailing findings and recommendations

EMI Diagnostics can Identify:

  • Loose or broken supports
  • Loose or corroded hardware
  • Defective insulation
  • Stray circulating currents
  • Foreign material or objects inside bus
  • Defective bus PT connections
  • Open PT high-voltage fuses
  • Contaminated insulators (dirt, dust or water)
  • Loose or compromised braid, laminate and shunt connections
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