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Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI) is an industry leading services provider specializing in complete turnkey isolated phase, non-segregated, segregated, and cable bus duct installations, replacements, repairs, fabrication, maintenance, and life extension solutions. Serving and supporting power generation and utility clients across North America and beyond is 100% of our focus.

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Electrical Bus Duct

EBI is the isolated phase, non-seg,
seg, and cable bus duct expert.

Custom Fabrication

Reverse engineering solutions
for obsolete components.


Installation, replacement,
testing and repairs.

Specialty Welding

Wind tower, solar field,
substation and more.

Emergency Services

24/7/365 turnkey repair
solutions to get your plant back online.

Professional Services

Asset life extension, contingency plan
development, nuclear services, and more.

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50 Years of Expertise

Family owned, certified WOSB, WBE & VET business

Safety Leader

14 Years No LTI’s, Industry Low 0.72 EMR

Quality Certified

ISO 9001 Certified Since 2008

Zero Warranty Claims

100% of Clients Have Avoided Forced Outages

Innovative Leader

R3, Cryogenic Cleaning, FME Pillows & More

Award-Winning Contractor

Numerous Awards & Accolades


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  • Electrical Bus Duct
  • Transformers
  • Emergency Services
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Specialty Welding
  • Professional Services

Non-Segregated Bus Refurbishment


Cable Bus Installation


Disconnect Switch Fabrication


Nuclear Extended Power Uprate


Mini Bus Installation


IPB Mods & Fabrication for Transformer Change-Out


Non-Seg Repair & Refurbishment


Non-Seg Repair & Transformer Change-Out

EBI has successfully completed over 3,900 projects and has serviced more than 75% of the United States nuclear power plant fleet.

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