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EBI was contracted to correct and complete the support steel, cable tray and 1,000 KCMIL cable bus installation at the first nuclear plant to be built in the US in nearly 30 years. EBI successfully completed all contracted activities to complete IE (initial energization).

Scope of Work:

  • Worked a 24-hour schedule to support aggressive project milestones
  • Installation activities included: extensive modification, assembly, and installation of support structures to the turbine building and transformer blast walls
  • Installed nearly 5,000 linear feet of cable tray and supports
  • Pulled nearly 50,000 feet of 1,000 KCMIL cable
  • Terminated approx. 150 cables to plant
  • Installed transformers and switchgear equipment
  • Installed approx. 250 stress cones
  • Completed nearly 150 Tan Delta tests

Whether planning new construction or critical electrical bus duct component improvements, EBI delivers measurable results and supports your team for the life of the system.

Project Details

Plant Type:Nuclear
Plant Size:4,536 MW
Plant Location:Georgia
EBI Job #2694

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