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EBI mobilized to this hydro plant to perform isolated phase bus modifications to accommodate the GSU and SST replacement on two Units.

Scope of Work:

  • Fabricated and installed multiple doghouses on each GSU and meggered for isolation
  • Fabricated adapter frames for each doghouse to accommodate inconsistencies with the Xfmr hole pattern discovered while onsite
  • Fabricated and installed new SST doghouses and meggered for isolation
  • Assisted with final alignment of each GSU
  • Fabricated and installed multiple conductor pieces and performed fit up and weld out
  • Fabricated and welded shorting plates to bond each set of GSU doghouses
  • Fabricated and welded enclosure covers on IPB
  • EBI torqued and meggered all bolted connections
  • EBI performed a field IPB bus duct acceptance DC Hi-Pot test per IEEE standards on each unit
  • Project was finalized by measuring for new EBI supplied LV braids for the GSU terminations and painting all welded areas

After successfully performing the scope of work, EBI cleaned their work area and demobilized all crew and equipment. If you have an upcoming transformer change-out project planned, or have critical projects that require emergent onsite bus duct fabrication capabilities, give EBI a call at 877-297-0616.



"EBI did a very professional job. Crew was on time if not 20 minutes early every morning. EBI definitely showed that they take pride in their work; prepping and cleanliness was showed on the final completion of work. EBI crew worked well together. Also noticed they place their crew very effectively to keep up the next step of work."

Lance L. - Project Inspector

Project Details

Plant Type:Hydro
Plant Size:79.2 MW
Plant Location:California
EBI Job #3042
JPR Score


"EBI definitely showed that they take pride in their work."

Lance L.
Project Inspector

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