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Shorten Unplanned Outage time with EBI’s

Emergency Services

Do you know who to call when an emergent or unexpected failure occurs on your plant’s medium or high voltage electrical equipment from the point of generation to the grid? Time is money when an emergency occurs and your plant is offline. EBI’s rapid response team specializes in emergency repair services and has been pioneering innovative emergency services and solutions for the power generation industry since 1974. EBI installs, inspects, modifies, and performs retrofits and repairs on all types and brands of bus duct, including isophase, non-seg, seg, and cable bus systems. Considering most failures occur after the bus duct system’s warranty expires, we provide project management, reverse engineering emergency-replacement fabrication, and technical consulting services; saving you time and money.

Call us first if you experience a bus duct malfunction or failure. Our dedicated rapid response team can mobilize quickly – in most cases within 12 hours – with a complete fleet of modern construction equipment, certified field technicians, project managers, fabricators, and technical experts trained in troubleshooting and improvement of both current and obsolete product lines from all major OEMs.

Our Core Competencies Include:

  • Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Power Generation Support
  • Turnkey Bus Duct Installation, Replacement, Refurbishment, Inspection, Cryogenic Cleaning & Repair
  • Turnkey GSU, AUX, ESS, GCB & CT Installation & Transformer Change-Outs
  • Offline Robotic Video & Borescope Inspection for IPB
  • Replacement & Re-manufactured Parts - Any OEM
  • Generator Output Bushing CT Replacement
  • Generator Breaker Turnkey Solutions
  • Total Non-Seg Refurbishment
  • IPB Seal-Off Bushings Remove/Install (Aluminum & Copper)
  • Complete Reverse Engineering Solutions
  • Onsite Silver Plating
  • & More

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Experience a Failure?

24/7/365 Emergency Services

EBI’s State-of-the-Art

R3 Mobile
Fabrication Unit

EBI’s Mobile R3 Fabrication Unit; is a 53-foot, all-in-one, self-powered, semi-trailer that houses all the machining and tooling required to fabricate, refurbish and completely repair electrical isophase, segregated and non-segregated bus duct systems and related components in the field.

Our immensely talented fabricators, coupled with the onsite proximity of the R3 offers increased efficiency and enhances communication between field technicians, machinists, engineers, and plant personnel while allowing ‘As-Found’ issues to be seamlessly added to EBI’s project scope. The 24/7/365 availability of the R3 has also proven to be invaluable for emergency projects that involve a transformer or bus duct failure, particularly since projects of this nature are largely based on discovery and the need for rapid, accurate repair and expedited fabrication of replacement parts is critical.

Whether you need to repair, refurbish or completely replace your electrical bus duct system, EBI’s state-of-the-art R3 contingency unit is fully equipped to handle all of your needs. We have experience with all major OEMs, both current and obsolete.

With unprecedented efficiency and 24/7/365 availability, we’ve got you covered.

In-House & Onsite

Parts & Fabrication

Our Core Competencies Include:

  • EBI’s R3 Mobile Fabrication Shop
  • IPB Enclosure & Conductor Parts
  • Design & Reverse Engineering/Fabrication
  • Terminations (Flexible Braided Assemblies & Laminated Flexes)
  • Wall & Ancillary Equipment Bushing Seal-Off Replacements
  • Obsolete Parts (Bushings, Insulators, etc.)
  • Insulators & Support Assemblies
  • Bellows (Rubber or Aluminum)
  • Refurbishment of Existing Parts
  • IPB Enclosure Expansion Joints
  • Welded Conductor Shunt & Expansion Assemblies
  • Replacement Isolation GPO3 / G10 & Hardware
  • Gen & GSU LV Bushing/Neutral Boxes & Isolation
  • Generator (GSU Transformer) LB Bushing Cabinets
  • Proprietary Welded Inspection Windows/Bus Insulator Supports
  • Gasket Material
  • Adapter Plates
  • Shorting Plate Assemblies
  • Bonding Bars
  • Silver Plated Conductor Adapters
  • 3D Modeling Capabilities
  • & More

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