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Two days after Christmas, EBI’s emergency response team received a call from a Pennsylvania generating station after the plant encountered an IPB switch failure. After facilitating a planning call to assess the situation in detail, EBI mobilized a crew and arrived onsite to perform a thorough walk-down assessment and repair recommendation analysis.

After initial review, the project’s complexity was compounded by the fact that the component was obsolete, eliminating the possibility of a simple fix.

Despite the challenges, EBI rolls up their sleeves and put their extensive bus duct experience to work. By the next day, the damaged switch had been dismantled and shipped to EBI’s facility where the comprehensive assessment, reverse engineering process, and refurbishment began.

EBI utilized their extensive in-house technical knowledge and expertise of bus duct components of all OEM’s, both current and obsolete, to completely re-construct the replacement switch enclosure, insulators, and associated parts.

Upon completion, the switch was re-packaged and shipped back to the plant where EBI performed the re-installation.

Scope of Work:

What made refurbishment of this IPB disconnect switch successful by the EBI team:

  • EBI’s extensive in-house technical knowledge and expertise of bus components from all OEM’s both current and obsolete.
  • The ability to complete accurate and comprehensive reverse engineering fabrication drawings for all required components.
  • EBI’s in-house stock supply of all materials required including: aluminum, standoff/support insulators, and copper for switch bars/contact surfaces.

Due to the emergent nature and limited information available, other electrical contractors and OEM’s were not capable of taking on the project and guaranteeing results. EBI took on the challenge when no one else would touch it and successfully completed the scope within 20 business days of when the initial emergency call came in. The exemplary turnaround time EBI was able to provide allowed the plant to return back online in a fraction of the lead time compared to ordering new OEM replacements.

Project Details

Plant Type:Natural Gas
Plant Size:626 MW
Plant Location:Pennsylvania
EBI Job #2598
JPR Score

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