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EBI mobilized a team of technical representatives to this natural gas facility to perform a visual walkdown inspection and root cause analysis of the non-segregated bus run after a failure had occurred. After determining the root cause, EBI established a repair plan and began executing the following scope.

Scope of Work:

  • Removed the damaged section of bus
  • Refurbished 22 bus bars
  • Refurbished the bus bar supports
  • Supplied and replaced damaged braids
  • Repaired 2 damaged bus bars
  • Repaired, cryogenically cleaned, and repainted approx. 30′ of non-seg bus enclosure
  • Sealed off and reworked the metal enclosure
  • Inspected and reworked heating circuits as needed

After successfully performing the scope of work, EBI cleaned their work area and demobilized all crew and equipment.

Routine bus duct maintenance best practices and a thorough inspection, performed by qualified and trained personnel, is the most effective way to maintain the health of these system critical electrical components and mitigate opportunities for a forced outage within your power generation fleet.

Project Details

Plant Type:Natural Gas
Plant Size:480 MW
Plant Location:Ohio
EBI Job #2930/2934
JPR Score


"Knowledgeable staff. Thorough, well organized."

Energy Production Supervisor

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