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Non-Segregated Bus Refurbishment


Cable Bus Installation


Disconnect Switch Fabrication


Nuclear Extended Power Uprate


Mini Bus Installation


IPB Mods & Fabrication for Transformer Change-Out


Non-Seg Repair & Refurbishment


Non-Seg Repair & Transformer Change-Out


IPB Expansion Joint Fabrication & Replacement


Mini Bus Installation


Installation of Telescopic IPB Switches


IPB Cryogenic Cleaning & Inspection


Emergent Fabrication of Obsolete Parts


Non-Seg Repair & Refurbishment


Fabrication, Repair & Transformer Change-Out


IPB Fabrication & Repair


IPB Fabrication & Repair


Contact Surface Assessment & Refurbishment


Fabrication of Obsolete Components


Solar Plant Specialty Aluminum Welding


IPB Repairs & System Enhancements


Emergent IPB Repairs & Replacement


Wind Farm Specialty Welding Cable Repair


Emergent IPB Repairs

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