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EBI mobilized thier crew, equipment, and R3 mobile fabrication unit on an emergent basis to perform non-seg repairs, modifications and component fabrications on two non-seg Units after the plant experienced a transformer fire.

Scope of Work:

  • Demolition and re-installation of the newly fabricated non-seg bus enclosure, covers and bus bars on two units
  • Aligned and set new transformers
  • Fabricated and installed 22 new insulators
  • Silver plated all mating surfaces and painted new bus bars to prevent oxidation
  • Performed megger tests the bus on each unit to satisfactory results and installed new plant supplied braids
  • Installed new gasket material and applied silicone and bonded washers to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Primed and painted all new enclosures and covers

If your plant experiences a bus duct malfunction or failure, rely on EBI’s emergency response team on onsite fabrication capabilities to get you back online as quickly and safely as possible.

Project Details

Plant Type:Geothermal
Plant Size:84 MW
Plant Location:California
EBI Job #3046
JPR Score

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