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When this plant experienced a failure, they relied on EBI’s unmatched bus duct expertise for emergent IPB repairs and replacement.

Scope of Work:

Mob 1

  • Emergent inspection on Unit 2 due to a ground fault
  • Determined all 6 phases needed replacement
  • Cryogenically cleaned and hand wiped bus/insulators from Gen to GSU
  • Replaced all hardware and all gasket on access covers from Gen to GSU
  • Cut out all 6 tap bus sections, removed with crane
  • Removed GEC Turret Flange and Aux bushing box
  • Removed damaged boot and degraded Tuck Tape at GSU
  • Silver plated one bus bar inside GEC housing
  • Performed 9 Hi-Pot tests on main bus after it was in sections
  • Performed Hi-Pot tests on the 3 bushings

Mob 2

  • Installed boots and new Tuck Tape at GSU
  • Installed 6 bus sections, 2 turret flange/ boxes
  • Welded IPB, reinstalled heaters and wiring
  • Tested heaters
  • Hi-Pot tested, documented results
  • Installed braids with new Bellevilles at GEN and GSU
  • Installed new braids with new hardware at GEC and Aux

Covering your assets is what we do, and we’ve been doing it since 1974. If your plant experiences an unexpected failure on your medium or high voltage electrical equipment from the point of generation to the grid, be sure to call EBI first. Our team’s dedication to rapid response allows our crews to mobilize quickly – in most cases within hours – with a complete fleet of modern construction equipment, certified field technicians, project managers, fabricators, and technical experts trained to troubleshoot and identify needed improvements on both current and obsolete systems from all major OEMs.

"Best IPB contractor that I have seen at any of our generation stations. Flexible and adaptable to unexpected circumstances and or changes. Very flexible and helped us get back online as soon as could be expected to also deliver a high degree of confidence in our bus system. Quality of work was above and beyond. EBI knows their business. Extremely satisfied."

Electric Systems Engineer

Project Details

Plant Type:Natural Gas
Plant Size:710 MW
Plant Location:Florida
EBI Job #3602
JPR Score

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