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EBI leads the industry with our thorough electrical asset life extension services. In this premier project we feature an isolated phase bus duct project that included offline visual and borescope inspection techniques, coupled with our in-house fabrication and repair capabilities. During the initial offline inspection, our bus duct technicians discovered several issues, including compromised conductor laminates. Our team went to work formulating a fabrication and repair plan to bring the system back to maximum efficiency.

Scope of Work:

  • Borescope inspection of the expansion joints on all 3 phases (6 cracked expansion joints found)
  • Inspection of the silver plating on the contact surfaces at the disconnect boxes (overheating found)
  • Inspection of the insulators (paint overspray and foreign material found)
  • Fabrication and replacement of the 6 cracked expansion joints
  • Onsite silver plating of the aluminum adapter bars and IPB ends in the disconnect boxes
  • Replacement of 2 insulators (supplied by plant)

If your plant looking for ways to maintain the health of your system critical electrical bus duct components and mitigate opportunities for a forced outage, consider taking advantage of EBI’s full spectrum inspection, bus duct maintenance, and life extension services. For more information, contact us today.

Project Details

Plant Type:Hydro
Plant Size:600 MW
Plant Location:Massachusetts
EBI Job #3024
JPR Score


"Followed all safety policies with no issues. Attitude and knowledge were the strongest assets."

Bob H.
Site Rep

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