Our Approach:

You plan for months, if not years, to perform an uprate or transformer change-out. Can you afford to hook up a new multi-million dollar transformer to a bus duct system that may be compromised? The Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) is the only system critical component within your plant that offers no redundancy. Our online visual inspection and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) diagnostic testing is a non-invasive process that can detect a wide variety of defects within the IPB duct system and associated electrical system components. This diagnostic technique can help plants identify potential threats to their bus duct system prior to going offline so areas of concern can be prioritized; allowing you to develop and budget for a corrective action plan.

However, while EMI testing can be a useful tool, it is important to understand that this type of online testing does not replace traditional offline inspection methods. What it does is give you is an insight into where to focus your inspection, cleaning and repair efforts when you do go offline. The benefit of combining the online/offline approach is that you are not going into your outage blind. You know if you have bus duct issues to address before you get into the outage, allowing for more efficient and cost effective outage planning.

EBI leads the industry with our innovative inspection techniques. We work closely with our clients to ensure a collaborative approach in extending the life of your critical electrical assets. Call us today to discuss your needs. 877-297-0616

EMI Diagnostics can Identify:

  • Loose or broken support insulators
  • Loose or corroded hardware
  • Defective insulation
  • Stray circulating currents
  • Foreign material or objects inside bus
  • Defective bus PT connections
  • Open PT high-voltage fuses
  • Contaminated insulators (dirt, dust or water)
  • Loose or compromised braid, laminate and shunt connections
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