Question: Your plant had an emergency failure. Who can you count on to get back online as quickly & safely as possible?

Solution: EBI’s Revolutionary R³ Emergency Service Unit
Repair, Replace, Refurbish, Rebuild, Restore, Renew.


EBI’s R3 Contingency vehicle is an all-in-one, on site service and installation “Micro-Factory”.  Whether you need to repair, refurbish or completely replace your electrical bus duct system (Isophase, Non-Seg and related components), our state-of-the-art R³ Contingency Unit is fully equipped to handle all of your needs.  We have experience with all major OEMs, both current and obsolete.  With unprecedented efficiency and 24/7/365  availability, we’ve got you covered.


  • Eliminate transit time to and from an off site factory
  • Eliminate shipping costs
  • Same day, on site fabrication
  • Minimizes Outage durations by providing schedule improvements
  • Avoid incorrect or missing parts as well as rework and related delays
  • On site proximity of the R3 vehicle  improves communication between field staff, fabrication techs, engineers and plant personnel to  allow ‘fix on the fly’ discoveries

24/7/365 Emergency Contact:


The R3

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