EBI’s Scope:

When this plant experienced an emergency failure, they called upon EBI for emergency response. EBI was able to dispatch technical representatives to the site within 24 hours of the initial call to develop a recovery plan and generate a proposal for replacement of the damaged components from the event that occurred at the Generator.

  • Demo of existing compromised equipment. This included the 3 sections of IPB, all terminations Line and Neutral side, NGR cable, Generator Cabinet, support steel, and CT’s.
  • Cleaning, Inspecting, & Testing of the remaining IPB to verify the IPB condition is satisfactory to be placed back in service.
  • Installation of EBI’s proprietary welded inspection ports.
  • Hi-Pot test to IEEE standards
  • Once the new Generator was set, EBI performed the installation of the new IPB components. This included the support steel, CTs, Gen Cab, IPB Sections and Terminations on both the Line and Neutral side.
  • Performed the welding scope.
  • Terminations were installed.

When the unexpected occurs, rely on EBI’s emergency response team who can mobilize quickly – in most cases within hours – with a complete fleet of modern construction equipment, certified field technicians, project managers, fabricators, and technical experts trained to troubleshoot and identify needed improvements on both current and obsolete systems from all major OEMs. For more information visit: https://www.electricalbuilders.com/…/emergency-services/

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Project Location: California
0 OSHA recordable incidents