Isolated Phase Bus Services

IPB Duct Maintenance

Proactive isolated phase bus duct maintenance and inspection is the most effective way of detecting and correcting the effects of aging and degradation of critical electrical components in power plants. Our exclusive 19-point bus duct inspection and maintenance process delivers the highest quality and most thorough results in the industry.

IPB Offline Inspection & Cryogenic Cleaning

EBI was the first IPBD duct services contractor to develop and introduce environmentally friendly cryogenic cleaning for internal bus duct components. This process cleans more than just the insulators; it thoroughly cleans inside the entire length of the bus duct system, which is where many issues hide. Cryogenic cleaning removes dirt, debris and contaminants without leaving a residue or damaging equipment.

IPB Installation & Replacement

EBI is uniquely qualified to be your IPBD turnkey solution provider. The power generation industry turns to our specialty trained and certified crews to get the job done safely, on time, within budget and with the highest quality.

IPB Rebuild & Re-fabrication

Planning a isolated phase bus retrofit, an installation or disassembly work at your power plant? When shutdown time is critical, our decades of experience make us the ideal industrial electrical construction partner. Proud to be the OEM contractor of choice for isolated phase bus duct modifications.

IPB Repairs & Refurbishment

When planning for an outage, time is critical. Getting the necessary IPBD repairs done safely, on time, on budget and to the highest quality is our number one priority. EBI’s reputation speaks for itself and brings knowledge and experience to your project.

IPB Online Inspection & EMI Testing

An online visual inspection and EMI test can help identify outage priorities and monitor the health of the isolated phase bus duct system. EBI has the ability to document potential issues inside the IPB before an outage even begins.

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