Why EBI:

In this project spotlight, we feature a power plant that opted to have Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI) re-route sections of hard to access Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) runs due to the location over the torque converter. During the project, EBI’s technicians discovered several additional issues present, including moisture intrusion and misalignment of the existing bus duct, both of which were resolved by EBI.

Removed existing sections of IPB on both units that ran over the torque converter
Repaired damaged IPB onsite
Installed new bus sections that routed around the torque converter into a new doghouse, all supplied by EBI
Installed PD sensors and new control box on two units
Installed EBI supplied air pressurization systems on Unit A, Unit B, and STG
Discovered and corrected misalignment of the existing B Phase conductor near the GCB as well as the IPB connecting to the doghouse
Replaced bellows on Unit A, Unit B, and STG

If you have an upcoming electrical maintenance outage planned, have critical projects that require bus duct expertise, have emergent fabrication needs, or experience a failure of your electrical bus duct, transformer or related components, give EBI a call 27/7/365 at 877-297-0616.

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Project Location: Nevada
0 OSHA recordable incidents