Our Approach:

The isolated phase bus (IPB) duct system plays a critical role in the plant. Although the value of the bus duct is minimal when compared to the generator or transformer, consider it the lifeline between both of these expensive components. If the bus duct fails due to poor inspection and maintenance practices, it has the potential of damaging one or both of the other expensive components.

Proactive isolated phase bus maintenance and inspection is the most effective way of detecting and correcting the effects of aging and degradation of critical electrical components in power plants. In addition, EBI was the first isolated phase bus duct services contractor to develop and introduce environmentally friendly cryogenic cleaning for internal IPB components. This process cleans more than just the insulators; it thoroughly cleans inside the entire length of the bus duct system, which is where many issues hide. Cryogenic cleaning removes dirt, debris and contaminants without leaving a residue or damaging equipment.


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