Our Approach:

The isolated phase bus (IPB) duct system plays a critical role in the plant. Although the value of the bus duct is minimal when compared to the generator or transformer, consider it the lifeline between both of these expensive components. If the bus duct fails due to poor inspection and maintenance practices, it has the potential of damaging one or both of the other expensive components.

Proactive isolated phase bus maintenance and inspection is the most effective way of detecting and correcting the effects of aging and degradation of critical electrical components in power plants. Our exclusive 19-point isophase bus duct inspection and maintenance process delivers the highest quality and most thorough results in the industry. With over 3,700 projects complete, serving all major utilities including over 75% of domestic nuclear, 100% of clients who have relied on EBI for isophase and non-segregated bus duct inspection and ongoing maintenance have avoided a forced outage on their bus duct system.

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