In this week’s Project Spotlight, we look back at an isolated phase bus (IPB) system that required emergency response due to an unexpected failure. EBI’s highly skilled technical team mobilized to site within 24 hours to assess the damages and formulate a repair plan that minimized downtime, saving the plant time and money.

EBI’s scope included:

  • Evaluation and removal of damaged components.
  • Extensive drafting and print generation due to lack of existing drawings
  • In-field refurbishment and silver plating of contact surfaces.
  • Emergent, ‘round the clock fabrication and installation of bus, doghouse, NRG cabinet, and enclosure assemblies.
  • Thorough cryogenic cleaning of the existing IPB from the disconnect to generator.
  • Supply and installation of gasket material, braids, and hardware as needed.
  • Final fit-up and weld out.

EBI leads the industry with the highest level of experience, quality, and knowledge when it comes to successfully completing complex bus duct repair, refurbishment, or replacement projects.  EBI’s in-house and mobile fabrication capabilities, along with our network of certified manufacturing alliances, allows us to shorten lead times and deliver unprecedented results. If you have questions about your bus duct system, are planning an upcoming transformer change-out, need emergency bus system repairs/fabrication, or are looking for ways to extend the life of your critical electrical components, we invite you to speak with members of our technical team by contacting us at [email protected] or 877-297-0616.

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Project Location: Texas
0 OSHA recordable incidents