“EBI’s field team executed at a high level. Professional presentation. Crew needed very little guidance from site. Team always upfront when running into problems. Very high-level quality work! Foreman’s skills and presentation was exceptional. Always looking for ways to improve schedule. No safety issues. Team did an excellent job! ”

− Scott W. – Project Manager

“Crew takes pride in their work and product. They are very dependable. Crew and supervision have incredible knowledge of task at hand. Very professional and easy going. High standards for safety.”

− Luke M. – Construction coordinator

See Project

“Good look ahead on parts and other needs kept work moving. Work was performed to high standards. Everyone on the crew demonstrated clear knowledge of the job. The crew was very accommodating of working extended shifts. There was a lot of pride in work they had completed and the capabilities of EBI. The crew understood nuclear processes and were consistent in the quality of their crew briefings. The crew worked as a team with professional attitudes. Excellent help making observations of things that needed attention to ensure we have problem free operation. Safety was priority, the crew followed safety standards. Very satisfied with the work performed. The crew demonstrated a high degree of proficiency and professionalism. ”

− A.J. – Generator Engineer

“Quality was evident during QC inspections. Foreman attended meetings/schedule reviews as required. Made several key decisions to move resources and hit target. Strongest Asset: Communication – worked with team and established relationships in emergent situation. Innovative thinking helped while working through issues and increasing productivity.”

− Scott D., Sr Mgr Projects

“Excellent customer service, very positive and professional, first-rate knowledge, zero safety issues.”

− Brian H., Contractor Monitor

“I have never worked with a better crew in 41 years! Foreman and crew did everything right, the first time. Crew here every day on time. Very high-level workmanship. Always advised and supported us from day one. Crew had to modify their plan several times to coordinate with other trades. Foreman had a sound plan and maintained focus. “

− Mark H., IC&E, Capital Power

IPB Welding

“The quality of work was beyond our expectations. The reliability of supervision EBI provided excelled and required no direction. EBI was accountable, flexible, and reliable on all aspects of the work. Extremely knowledge of the scope of work and site policies and procedures.  This project was setup on critical path activities and had unexpected situations arise. EBI handled the situation calmly and collectively. I would HIGHLY recommend EBI for future work.”

− Royce Blankenship, Project Consultant Responsible Oversight, Entergy

GCB change-out

“The job was completed ahead of schedule. Crew worked well with plant staff. Crew was excellent and required no supervision. Quality of work was very good. All craft took pride in their work. The crew was very efficient and completed the job ahead of schedule. All crew members were very professional and workmanship was great. Foreman had a good plan and executed it perfectly. Prior to starting any task the crew made sure they understood plant safety protocol. Foreman and crew worked well together and we are very happy with final product. Strongest assets: Communication and accommodation.”

– Electrical Engineer, Basin Electric Power Cooperative

See Project

“Experts in bus repair. EBI is knowledgeable in all aspects of our bus repair and maintenance. Hard working and dedicated crew that brings EBI standards to all tasks.”

– Scott Sukeforth, Project Coordinator, Florida Power & Light

“EBI’s team delivered excellent quality.”

– Nick Nicksic, Electrical Foreman, Glen Canyon Dam

“Thank you all for the promptness in getting dispatched <to our site> during one of the most difficult times in our city!”

– Texas Power Plant after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey

“EBI arrived on site well informed of the scope of work to be accomplished. EBI is aware of FPL Clearance procedures (LOTO) and diligent about adhering to the policy. EBI did an excellent job of cooperating with other vendors in the area. Strong leadership demonstrated and the crews have a good work ethic.”

– Ron Johnsen, Project Manager, Florida Power & Light

IPB Retrofit

“Electrical Builders provided rapid responses to changes in project needs. They used good judgement and assisted with solutions to problems.”

− Field Sucontract Manager, Bechtel

See Project

“Your team was the best that I’ve ever worked with during my long career. There was always a major challenge every day that the team had to overcome, in order to keep the work moving forward and on schedule. They were the best.”

– Bill Carano, Project Consultant

IPB Welding

“Electrical Builders strongest assets are: 1) Their ability to integrate with other work groups to maintain project schedules, 2) Their strong work force and no nonsense work ethic.”

− Jack Knox, Project Manager, NextEra Energy

See Project

Nuclear IPB Welding

“I rated EBI’s service excellent across the board.”

− Jack Knox, Project Manager, NextEra Energy

See Project

IPB Emergency


– Project Manager, Entergy

See Project

IPB Maintenance

“EBI has and continues to exceed Bechtel’s expectations.”

− Bechtel

See Project

IPB Installation

“EBI’s superior past performance at Grand Gulf lead us to select them for the emergent scope when it arrived. It was a pleasure working with their crew and leadership during our forced outage at Grand Gulf. The crew had a positive attitude and good skill set to perform a variety of tasks.”

− Marty Hendrix, Project Manager, Entergy

See Project

“I would definitely bring back this crew. All work was done professionally. Minimal direction, no (reliability) issues reported. The crew showed great pride in their work. Very knowledgeable crew. Great to work with. Made good judgement and cleaned up very well. Very safety savvy.”

− T.R. – IC&E III

“Work met or exceeded schedule. NO rework issues. Crew was always focused on right task, and worked in less than ideal weather at times. Knew the work, schedule, and did a good job looking ahead. Provided great input on LV bus connection and other judgement vs required issues. Responded well to challenges and schedule changes, great leadership and teamwork. Good nuclear behaviors displayed by entire crew.”

− Ray B. – Project Manager, Constellation

“Very conscientious in regards to installing equipment properly. Always on time, ready to work and permits filled out. Strongest assets: Job and equipment knowledge. Self-Directed. Communications as well.”

− I&E Tech

See Project

Quality of Work: “No delays, quality work.”
Reliability: “Onsite on time each day.”
Responsibility: “No issues – ducts look much better.”
Knowledge of Job: “Efficient and skilled.”
Cooperation: “No issues.”
Judgement: “Project stayed on track with no issues.”
Safety: “No issues.”
Overall Satisfaction: “Excellent, top notch work!”

− Michael E., Planner-Scheduler

Quality of Work: “Work was performed very professionally. Any problems encountered were dealt with quickly.”
Reliability: “Crew showed up on site early and had clear understanding of project.”
Responsibility: “The pride in the crew’s work shows. Crew was very receptive to questions/concerns.”
Knowledge of Job: “The crew adjusted well to weather. Knowledge of welding/testing procedures was quite obvious.”
Cooperation: “Crew worked well with multiple contractors onsite.”
Judgement: “Crew adjusted well and acted accordingly as job progressed. All milestones were met on a daily basis, very organized.”
Safety: “JHA’s were completed daily, PPE was always worn.”
Overall Satisfaction: “This is the Third time I’ve worked with EBI. Very satisfied. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome”
Strongest Assets: “Knowledge of aluminum welding techniques. Ability to make changes and build accordingly. Quality of work. Ability to adapt to varying configurations.”

− Walt Carey, Inspector, PG&E

Photo of Nuclear Electrical Services

“During this outage, and similar to the previous outage, EBI’s scope had grown dramatically. While on site, EBI has performed numerous emergent scopes as requested by FP&L and continues to successfully take over scopes of work initially scheduled for others. EBI has and continues to exceed Bechtel’s expectations.”

− Twinkle Sullivan, Subcontracts, Bechtel

See Project

“EBI quality of work was excellent despite the sudden rush to get the job completed before its scheduled start time. EBI’s Foremen demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and the team was well trained.”

– Richard Wallace, Senior Plant Engineer, Dynegy

Partial Discharge Compartment Installation Photo

“I sincerely appreciate your company’s responsiveness and can-do attitude.”

− Brent R Lease, Electrical Engineer, Xcel Energy

See Project

Testing High Voltage Cable

“Men did an excellent job in an orderly fashion, on time with respectful and questioning attitude. Great nuclear workers—very pleased with crew I dealt with.”

– Dennis Klapatch, T&D Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, Monticello Nuclear, Xcel Energy

See Project

Industrial Electrical Cable Photo

“Your team is reliable, responsible and committed to quality work—and worked safely.”

– Control Room Supervisor, Xcel Energy

See Project

“EBI executed the project flawlessly. I would not hesitate to hire EBI in the future.”

– Mike Rwoell, Senior Engineer, AEP Northeastern

IPB Photo

“Electrical Builders was chosen to perform the work at Peach Bottom Nuclear because of the safe and stellar performance they gave at the previous 5 major EPU projects at other Exelon nuclear stations.”

– Project Director, Exelon

See Project

IPB Exterior Photo

“Based on past performance history, we were expecting another solid performance and that is exactly what EBI delivered. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

– Project Director, Exelon

See Project

IPBD Installation

“They demonstrated excellent judgment and job knowledge. They knew what needed to be done.”

– Rick Norman, Task Manager, Exelon

See Project

IPBD Installation

“EBI provided excellent quality work. It was a pleasure working with your crew and leadership during our forced outage at GGNS. The crew had a positive attitude and good skill sets to perform a variety of tasks.”

− Marty Hendrix, Project Manager, Entergy

See Project

“EBI did a very professional job…crew was on time if not 20 minutes early every morning. EBI definitely showed that they take pride in their work; prepping and cleanliness was showed on the final completion of work. EBI crew worked well together. Also noticed they place their crew very effectively to keep up the next stop of work.”

− Project Inspector

“Commitment to safety maintained as a priority! Accommodated to customer needs promptly. Excellent quality of work.”

− Del S., Electrical Specialist

“Works very well with site expectations. Additional scope taken on in a disciplined fashion. Very strong safety and work package discipline. Good communication attention to detail.”

− David B., Senor Project Manager

“The crew performed an outstanding job. They were well prepared and performed their job with skill, they were eager to accomplish the task, their work was outstanding and they performed a good cleanup of the job site.”

− Robert Thatcher, Plant Manager, Hunter Plant

“Our plant looks so much better after your crews fixed our issues. Foremen did a great job of running the crews and advising us on actions that were needed for equipment reliability for the plant long term. Crews showed up on time and would communicate when they arrived, so we could engage security since they were all on visitor badges. Crew would communicate what they needed, and I did not have to continually stay with them, as I have had to do with other contractor groups. All of the work that took place was done with pride, everything that was touched was put back better than we found it. The crews took the time they needed to do it right and safely. The crews understood the procedures and processes we had in place and followed them flawlessly with little help. The crews worked very well together and were efficient in all they did. When asked with questions from the site team, they would calmly answer the questions and explain their point as to why we needed to fix what needed to be fixed. Again, your team did a great job advising us on the direction and used examples of other plants to show us why we needed to do. It was refreshing to work with a crew who understood what it takes to work at a nuclear plant and why we had to do things the way we do. They also did not complain about anything that was asked of them. I was absolutely impressed with the work the crew did in the field. The professionalism in the field as well as in meetings was outstanding. Everyone on site was also impressed at the work the crew did and how quickly it was performed with quality. Strongest Assets: The overall understanding of how these large power systems and the guidance on how to correct the issues. The crews putting their hands on the plant. Very well trained, professional, and hard working.”

– Walter K. – Electrical Online Coordinator, Entergy

“Exceeded site expectations. On time and ahead of schedule. Quality and professional SME recommendations. Exceptional communication. Quality of work exceeds expectations. Strongest assets are knowledge of system and craftsmanship.”

– Tim L. – Senior Generation Specialist, Alliant Energy

“The workmanship was outstanding. It is pretty obvious the Foreman knows his craft. He was very helpful in helping us determine what needed to be done and what we should plan for in the future. Good on-site management and the ability to get parts here quickly. The crew looked and acted professionally, followed all our safety policies and procedures – represented your company well.”

– Ron V. – E&I Supervisor

“Knowledge of job and cooperation was EXCEPTIONAL. Great effort and quality in not ideal working conditions. Always on-site and ready to work. Crew very flexible with changing conditions. Professional and knowledgeable recommendations. Strong adherence to site and industry safety standards. Crew exceeded expectations.”

– Tim L. – Senior Generation Specialist


Quality of work: “Beyond expectation.”
Reliability:  “Completion exceeded my schedule.”
Responsibility: “Craftsmanship was A+.”
Knowledge of Job: “There’s no substitute for experience.”
Cooperation: “Well oiled machine.”
Judgment: “Planning work tasks and completing was very efficient…like clockwork.”
Safety: “Safety was definitely Job #1.”
Overall Satisfaction: “I’ve never seen 3 men accomplish their tasks better.
Strongest Assets: “Professional approach to work to be performed. Quality of work, pride in completion to client satisfaction.”

– James (Frankie) Adkins, Electrical Site Manager, TVA

“I wish all contractors were as conscientious as EBI. Superior quality.”

− System Engineer, TVA

Fabricated Partial Discharge Compartment

“I am very pleased with how quickly EBI addressed and resolved our needs.”

− Brent R Lease, Electrical Engineer, Xcel Energy

See Project

IPB Connection

“Excellent grades across the board. They did a great job. Thanks!”

– Jeff Kelm, Superintendent, MN Power/A.P. Electric

See Project

“It was a pleasure working with your crew and leadership during our forced outage at GGNS. The crew had a positive attitude and good skill sets to perform a variety of tasks.”

– Marty Hendrix, Project Manager, Entergy

“The job was completed on time with no issues. Everyone followed the safety rules. It was a pleasure to work with EBI.”

– Ken White, Principal Electrical Engineer, Olin Chlor Plant

IPB Hardware

“(EBI has) Flexibility and the ability to work extended hours and with multiple resources.”

– Jeff Kelm, Superintendent, MN Power/A.P. Electric

See Project

IPB Welding

“EBI is a very professional company. They excel in silver plating, aluminum welding, rigging and lifting, non segmental and isolation phase bus ducts. They, to my knowledge, have the best moving devices for isolation bus duct of any company pursuing this work.”

– Marv Evans, Project Manager, Exelon

See Project

Nuclear IPB Installation

“Electrical Builders delivered superior quality to our project.”

– Rick Norman, Task Manager, Exelon

See Project

IPB Installation

“The support that EBI provided for Quad Cities non-seg bus inspections was excellent. All the work that was in the scope during the refuel outage was completed with excellent quality and on time by the scheduled dates.”

– Lon Stauder, Project Manager, Quad Cities Nuclear

See Project

“Electrical Builders has GREAT craftsmanship! They showed up within 24 hours of our emergency call. Their team knows Isophase well and solved our issues FAST!”

– Kewanee Nuclear, Dominion

“Interaction between EBI and Dynegy was excellent. The work was performed in an exacting manner. Working with EBI was a pleasure.”

– John Baker, Major Systems Supervisor-Electrical, Dynegy

IPB Replacement

“We appreciate the quick response provided by EBI.”

– AZZ/Calvert Manager

See Project

“Very professional and task oriented. Really nice and a pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable and capable of completing task.”

– Craig C., Engineering Group Supervisor

“EBI worked well around other contractors and site employees. No safety issues noted. Very good project outcome. Will recommend EBI for future work. EBI’s strongest assets: flexibility, especially with coordinating activities around other outage projects and job knowledge and recommendation for equipment issues.”

– Plant Engineer

“Supervisors were always on time. Required minimal supervision. Good work ethic. Willing to go the extra mile to ensure work was done correctly. Very knowledgeable of work and what it takes to get work done. Very professional in their conduct. Knows sites expectations to safety. Excellent quality work and attention to detail. Good positive attitude even in trying situations.”

– Mike W., Project Manager

“The crew worked well with everyone and was very helpful in resolving issues that came up during installation. EBI’s team has a strong work ethic, is very efficient and provides excellent quality. VERY STRONG aluminum welding.”

– Robert Ellis, O&M Manager, Mesquite Power Generating Station

“Quality of work was top notch. Understood task at hand and the urgency with it. Job was always top focus. Would gladly have this crew back.”

− Matt A – Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

“Installation of bus duct went great. EBI team stayed engaged with site personnel and provided timely updates. Crew displayed a wealth of knowledge that led to them finding the actual problem. Crew maintained a safe environment during the entire evolution as well as keeping their work area clear of all hazards.”

− Maintenance Manager – Alliant Energy

See Project

“Perfectly planned & executed job. crew was punctual, efficient, & highly skilled.”

– Brian H. ~ CM

“At no point in time were there any workmanship or quality issues. Crews arrived on time every shift ready to work. It was clear the workers take pride in their work. EBI is clearly a SME in their field. There were no issues with the crews working with other crafts. The team was extremely self sufficient. Workers abided by all station safety standards during their time onsite. I would highly recommend the use of EBI in the future.”

– Sean l. ~ Maintenance LIR

IPB Removal & Replacement

“EBI Completed the Unit 2 Isolation Phase Bus Duct Project 2 days ahead of schedule. There have been no problems with the systems operation since installation. Other Exelon plants are looking for them to do the same work at their plants.”

– Marv Evans, Project Manager, Exelon

See Project

“EBI was on site within 24 hours of our call. They completed their assessment of our Isolated Phase Bus within the time frame we expected and to which they committed. They exceeded our expectations by pointing out two potentially hazardous issues within our Isophase that were caused by our previous Isophase contractor who was clearly not qualified to do the work! Without the diligence and expertise of EBI’s staff, we would have never been made aware of these issues and able to correct them.”

– Michael Petera E.E., P.E., BEPC

Photo of Damaged Non-Seg Bus

“EBI did an excellent job. We were extremely pleased with their professionalism, response and quality of work.”

− Joel Stahn, Southwest Generation

See Project

Nuclear Emergency Services Performed

“EBI’s crew proved to be very knowledgeable and capable of performing the work under pressure.”

– Senior Field Service Manager, Siemens

See Project

Emergency IPB Repair

“EBI’s crews are self-sufficient self-starters that require minimal oversight. Great staff, great equipment!”

– Project Manager, Entergy

See Project

Testing Cable Bus

“All work was completed in a safe manner and within the allotted time.”

− Engineer III, Xcel Energy

See Project

Nuclear Emergency Non-Seg Bus Bar

“Overall, EBI’s crew provided good support and attention to detail. Excellent crew that understood the issues and provided good feedback to resolve problems, including material issues and recommended fixes.”

– Project Manager, Entergy

See Project

“EBI was able to mobilize with very short notice for our emergency. They provided exceptional service and required no supervision. Very nice aluminum welding. No waste. Crew was very conscientious, took their time to measure and did the job right the first time.”

– Mark Larabee, Project Manager, Entergy

Cable Testing at Nuclear Plant

“It was a pleasure to work with EBI. The observations that I made during their work were very good. The entire crew knew their work scope and worked hard to meet the goal. I personally would look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Control Room Supervisor, Xcel Energy

See Project

Emergency Nuclear Electrical Services Photo

“Their ability to show up on site with a rolling work shop in the service truck was a major plus, as well as EBI’s rapid access to materials and equipment.”

– Senior Field Service Manager, Siemens

See Project

“Crew works well together and looks forward to help to meet milestones. No attendance issues. Crew was self-reliant. All work met or exceeded expectations. Foreman and crew know their work and respect all site rules and policies. Great coordination with other trades. Team moved where the work was available and was very flexible. No safety issues. Great team to work with all the way around.”

– Al C., LIR

“All EBI scope was completed earlier than scheduled. Offered suggestions to improve efficiency. Team players, offering solutions to improve efficiency. Several emergent issues arose and EBI provided prompt solutions. EBI’s strongest assets: proactive approach to work, looking ahead to verify preparedness, and flexibility to support fluctuations in schedule.”

– Jane D., Project Manager

“Work was completed with first time quality. EBI crews, both dayshift and nightshift, I will give an excellent, no call outs impacting the job. he EBI crew onsite during this CMM were true craftsmen in their trade. EBI crew was made up of different levels of knowledge of site policies and procedures. The EBI crew worked well together as a group and with plant personnel. This was a major plus to getting this work competed on time an in the end finished early. Work was performed safe and event free. As the site tech rep I enjoyed working with this EBI crew. Quality group!”

– Kevin O., Site Tech Rep

“Very knowledgeable, very diligent very proficient. All members of the crew exhibited excellent workmanship. Great communication throughout project.”

– Sonny C., Engineer

IPB Silver Plating

“EBI is very responsive and provides professional service.”

− Thomas Melle, Project Management Specialist

See Project