Our Approach:

Your isolated phase bus duct system is one of the only system-critical components within your plant without redundancy. When it goes down, you’re offline and losing money.

The health, safety and reliability of your IPBD system is only as good as the people who install and maintain it.  This is why it’s beneficial to contract with widely recognized experts who have installed, refurbished, repaired and serviced bus duct systems from ALL bus duct manufacturers, both current and obsolete. With over 45 years of experience dedicated exclusively to the power generation industry , we’re a recommended contractor for all major manufacturers’ isolated phase bus systems and the bus duct service provider of choice for many major utilities in North America.

Whatever your isolated phase bus service needs are, our complete compliment of specialty trained in-house isolated phase bus duct service teams, along with our state of the art equipment and tools, ensure we deliver a safe and high quality job from concept to completion.

Our IPB Installation & Replacement Expertise Includes:

  • Installation & Replacement
  • Mobile modification and on site bus system rebuild/re-fabrication
  • Turnkey EPU services
  • Welding and welding inspection
  • Repair/troubleshooting
  • GCB installation
  • Turnkey transformer change-outs
  • Line and neutral generator bushing CT replacement

24/7/365 Emergency Contact:


The crew worked well with everyone and was very helpful in resolving issues that came up during installation. EBI’s team has a strong work ethic, is very efficient and provides excellent quality. VERY STRONG aluminum welding.

Robert Ellis, O&M ManagerMesquite Power Generating Station

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