EBI’s Scope:

In this Project Spotlight, we look at a plant that hired EBI to replace their aging non-segregated bus duct system with a compressed IPB design, which is a miniature version of the standard Isolated Phase Bus. This bus design is a great alternative when space is limited and has the same degree of reliability and safety as its larger counterpart. It is also designed for both AC or DC excitation leads. EBI’s scope of activities included:
• Removal of the existing non-segregated bus on the inside of the building from the generator to the wall penetration
• Installation of the new bus, support steel, adapter flanges, generator and termination cabinets
• Installation and alignment of new tap bus sections
• Specialty welding of the conductors, enclosures, and shorting plates
• Final DC Hi Pot test
• Supply and installation of new flex link connectors
EBI has extensive experience helping our clients improve operations of their system critical electrical components to remain competitive and efficient in today’s power market. We specialize in equipment life extensions, upgrades, replacements, and repair of all major OEM’s, offering our clients unbiased solutions that have YOUR best interest in mind. If your plant is considering upgrades to existing bus duct system or components for better reliability and increased performance, give us a call at 877-297-0616 or [email protected].

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Project Location: South Carolina
0 OSHA recordable incidents