Our Approach:

As the choice contractor for isolated phase bus duct repairs and refurbishment, we bring over 47 years to every IPBD project. With our strong focus on safety allows us to find potential problems and head them off before they become serious issues. Power generators worldwide request EBI to join their planning team, relying on our robust bus duct engineering and technical expertise to guide them to an efficient, safe and cost-effective solution with unparalleled quality and customer service. We have studied, improved and worked on all types of electrical bus duct, both current and obsolete, which allows us to provide unbiased insight and guide our clients to the best solution for their needs.  Many bus duct OEMs have called upon EBI to provide inspection, maintenance and installation best practice expertise to help improve the design of their products.

Isophase bus duct OEMs outsource installation, service quality is unpredictable at best. EBI is the contractor of choice to retrofit, repair or modify system-­critical electrical apparatus by EPCs and power generators alike, because selecting an experienced and reputable contractor dictates when you can get back online.

Turnkey Solutions Include:

  • Isolated phase bus repairs and refurbishment
  • Isophase bus duct modifications
  • Isophase bus duct re-design and rebuilds
  • Retrofit of isophase bus systems
  • Field fabrication
  • In-field silver-plating
  • Retrofits and modifications
  • GSU, AUX, ESS, GCB & CT installation and change-outs
  • PT/CT/SA/VT cubicle change-outs
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