EBI’s Scope:

EBI mobilized to this natural gas facility during their spring outage to perform an inspection and cryogenic cleaning of the Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) runs and associated components on multiple units.

Summary of Scope:

  • Cryogenic cleaning and inspection
  • Installed dry-air pressurization systems
  • Installed bolted patches over the existing enclosure drain holes to seal the units
  • Removed damaged epoxy on the seal off and replaced it with high temp silicone sealant to restore the proper seal in the cabinet
  • Rain flanges were installed at the generator compartments
  • Replaced cover gaskets and sealing hardware as needed at each access point opened
  • Repaired an As Found unfinished weld on shunt plat

After successfully performing the scope of work, EBI cleaned their work area and demobilized all crew and equipment.

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Project Location: Texas
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Isophase Maintenance