EBI’s Scope:

  • CT replacement (1 Unit)
  • IPB inspection and findings report (3 Units)
  • In field silver plating
  • Preformed repairs and cleaning on leaking tap bushings an compartments
  • Supply and installation of air pressurization systems (3 Units)
  • Inspection with DRM testing
  • Hardware and flex braid supply and installation

Routine maintenance and inspection, by qualified and trained personnel, is the most effective way to maintain the health of these system critical electrical components and mitigate opportunities for a forced outage. In fact, 100% of clients who have relied on EBI for bus duct maintenance have avoided a forced outage! If would like to learn more about saving money with EBI’s fleet wide Maintenance & Service Agreement, give us a call at 877-297-0616 or email us at [email protected].

Related Services

  • Isolated Phase Bus Maintenance
  • Silver Plating
  • Air Pressurization System Installation
  • Hardware & Flex Braid Supply & Install
Project Location: Nevada
0 OSHA recordable incidents