Why EBI:

Does your existing isolated phase bus system lack accessibility for easy inspection and maintenance? If so, your system could be at risk. EBI’s aftermarket inspection windows can be installed in any OEM bus system and provide easy, repeatable access to the internal area of your isolated phase bus system, allowing for necessary inspection and cleaning activities to maintain the health of your system critical electrical components and mitigate opportunities for a forced outage. In this project spotlight we feature several of our life extension maintenance services including: visual and robotic rover camera inspection, cryogenic cleaning, and supply, fabrication, and installation of EBI’s proprietary welded inspection windows.
If you have an upcoming maintenance outage planned, have critical projects that require bus duct expertise, have fabrication needs, or would like to learn more about saving money with EBI’s fleet wide maintenance and service agreement, give EBI a call at 877-297-0616.

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