EBI’s Scope:

EBI mobilized its crew and equipment to this coal station to perform several projects.

  • Dispatched Tech Reps to inspect and assess repair needs on several units and their components including the non-seg bus and aux transformer doghouse, IPB & gen Cab Repairs, IPB Clean and Inspect , GSU Replacement
  • Performed non-seg bus repairs
  • Supply and install Aux Xfrmr doghouse
  • Supply and install of Aux Xfrmr rain shields
  • Supply and install of infrared windows on the Aux Xfrmr doghouses
  • Welded holes in the enclosure cover
  • Supplied and installed gasket
  • Resetting of the Auxiliary Expansion boots
  • Performed Silver plating of Mating surfaces on IPB
  • Fabrication and install of replacement De-Ionizer in Gen Cab
  • Performed IPB modifications for transformer change-out
  • Replace the IPB termination ends on the IPB at the GSU
  • Fabrication and supply of new Doghouses for a replacement Xfrmr that was lower in height and a different center to center spacing than the original GSU
  • Performed isolated phase bus duct cryogenic cleaning and inspection on two units

After successfully performing the scope of work, EBI cleaned their work area and demobilized all crew and equipment

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  • Fabrication & Supply
  • IPB Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Bus Duct Maintenance
  • Silver Plating
Project Location: Texas
0 OSHA recordable incidents