Plant Name: Ginna Nuclear Generating Station
Project Location: Ontario, NY
Owner: Exelon
EBI Client: Exelon
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Why EBI:

EBI had previously performed a site walk down with our technical representatives and representatives of Exelon at Ginna Nuclear Generation Station. The information gathered from this visit made it clear for the need for inspection and maintenance on the non-seg bus joints.

EBI was called on site during multiple, separate outages performing non-seg bus duct connection inspection, testing and maintenance on various bus runs.


  • Inspect each non-seg joint for damage.
  • Verify and correct all bolted connections to be re-torqued to correct specifications.
  • Test and record as-left DLRO readings for each spliced connection and provide results to plant personnel.
  • Re-install all splice boots and tape kits.


  • Ginna had very short windows to perform the maintenance and inspections. Based on the clients needs, this timeframe had changed multiple times before the actual start date of the work.


  • EBI was able to provide the knowledge, expertise and man power to get the job done safely, on time and with the excellence we bring to every job we do.