Plant Name: O.W. Sommers Power Plant
Project Location: San Antonio, TX
Owner: CPS Energy
EBI Client: CPS Energy
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Why EBI:

When CPS Energy needed skilled technical assistance at their O.W. Sommers Power Plant, they called in our rapid response team. Drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, we were able to deliver turnkey non seg and isolated phase bus duct emergency repair services safely and efficiently.


  • Removal of burnt conductor adapter plates and damaged bushings.
  • In-field non seg bus refurbishment.
  • Installed new isophase and non-seg sections.
  • Installed AZZ/Calvert isolated phase bus duct system.
  • Seal off bushing removal and replacement.
  • Replace and install heat shrink on bus bar.
  • Re-built compromised bus components.
  • Re-silver plated compromised connections.
  • New enclosure gaskets on all outside enclosures.
  • Inspected and properly torqued bolted connections.
  • Replaced faulty hardware.
  • Inspection and environmentally-friendly cleaning of isophase, including insulators, bushings and conductors.


  • The O.W. Sommers emergency project services were completed ahead of schedule
  • With zero OSHA recordable incidents.