Plant Name: South Texas Project
Project Location: Wadsworth, TX
Owner: STP Nuclear Operating Company
EBI Client: ABB
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Why EBI:

The initial scope of the project was for the replacement of two main step up transformers to be replaced. EBI was chosen due to their industry knowledge with the ability to provide a turnkey solution for STP.


  • Removal of IPB enclosures, conductors and termination compartments.
  • Alignment of GSU transformers
  • Provide and install replacement enclosure expansion bellows, GSU IPB termination isolating board and washers, flexible copper braids and conductor copper adapter plates.
  • Set IPB termination compartments and set, align and complete weld out of the IPB enclosure.
  • Onsite electro silver-plating of the LV bushing vangs.


  • As work began, other areas of concern were discovered and resulted in five (5) additional change orders to ensure things were going back together  at a ‘like new’ state.
  • EBI was able to get these change orders accomplished during the original timeline of the project and rook the project all the way until final acceptance testing of the IPB system.


  • Because of EBI’s ability to provide a turnkey solution, EBI had the resources to ensure additional parts and services were provided upon discovery.
  • With additional work added to the scope of the project, EBI was able to stay on schedule and complete the job with our tried and true quality and safety standards in place.