Plant Name: Craig Station
Project Location: Craig, CO
Owner: Tri-State
EBI Client: Tri-State
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Why EBI:

Tri-State Craig Station was in need of isophase maintenance on their Unit 1 IPB. EBI was called in to do an offline cleaning and inspection of the isolated phase bus from the generator breaker to the GSU. With EBI’s history, Tri-State was looking for an isophase expert and found EBI.


  • Open the isophase access covers and enclosure compartments to visually inspect the internal bus components.
  • Cryogenically clan all accessible internal bus components.
  • Inspect all bus flex connections, bus supports and IPB termination compartments.
  • Inspect and replace as needed gasket material.
  • Silver plate any damaged connection surfaces.
  • Document all areas of concern and bring to the attention of plant personnel.


  • EBI was awarded the project and had only 3 days to mobilize and start on the job.


  • Our isophase experts were able to mobilize during the timeframe of Tri-State’s needs.
  • EBI performed maintenance and a much needed cleaning of the IPB along with documentation for its post job state.