Plant Name: Walter Scott, Jr. Energy Center
Project Location: Council Bluffs, IA
Owner: MidAmerican Energy
EBI Client: MidAmerican Energy
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Why EBI:

Walter Scott had performed some preliminary testing on their Isolated Phase Bus system that indicated additional inspections should be performed. MidAmerican Energy turned to us as the leading IPB expert.


  • Visual inspection of IPB compartments.
  • Cryogenic cleaning of internal Isolated Phase Bus components.
  • Cleaning and inspection of additional enclosure components – GSU cabinets, generator cabinet, Aux Xfrmr cabinets, exciter Xfrmr bushing and PT bushing area).


  • The plant had known issues before our inspection began.


  • Additional corrections were able to be performed during our cleaning and inspection to avoid various complications with the isophase in the future.