Plant Name: Surry Nuclear Power Station
Project Location: Newport News, VA
Owner: Dominion Virginia Power
EBI Client: Calvert
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

We appreciate the quick response provided by EBI.

AZZ/Calvert Manager

Why EBI:

We were called in for the Surry Nuclear isolated phase bus duct replacement project which required expertise to meet the stations demanding milestone timeline. The project presented multiple layers of complexity which benefited from EBI’s extensive isolated phase bus installation expertise and project continuity from similar nuclear projects.


  • Total isolated phase bus duct replacement (main bus & delta bus).
  • We installed AZZ/Calvert isolated phase bus duct system.
  • Generator & transformer disconnect link enclosures replacement.
  • Neutral tie bus upgrade.
  • Generator terminal enclosure re-design to accept enhanced cooling assist (existing IPBD cooling system was “spared in place” to support future power uprates, if required).
  • Quality completion of outstanding weld-out to support the required high quality standards and aggressive installation schedule.


  • Surry Nuclear featured a unique isolated phase bus configuration due to space limitations.
  • Precise rigging was required near fragile long lead main transformer bushings.
  • As with all isolated phase bus projects, precise fit-up and FME control were critical.


  • All EBI welds passed QC acceptance with no rework required.
  • The high productivity of our welders resulted in 22 welds being completed in the yard versus 12 planned per schedule. The remaining 4 welds originally listed as yard welds were determined to be impractical due to rigging requirements in the plant.
  • Our management team was able to coordinate with on-site personnel to allow isolated phase bus duct installation five days early, near the energized 4160 volt bus. This improved both the schedule duration and logical sequence of the work.
  • Our management and level II riggers were able to direct the project team’s work and effectively conduct the isolated phase bus duct replacement.
  • EBI provided ongoing input to the scheduling process that ultimately resulted in a simplified site schedule for the project. This reduced impact on project supervision from continuously explaining the minor details of the IPBD installation.
  • The horizontal rigging method used to maintain distance from the energized bus was installed five days ahead of schedule.
  • Precise fit up and FME control was always top of mind and success was achieved through constant oversight.
  • Each of our individual welders produced as many quality welds to pass QC as several non-EBI welders, combined.
  • The project schedule met the original contract duration and supported the Surry Unit 2 restart.