Plant Name: Dresden Nuclear Power Plant
Project Location: Morris, IL
Owner: Exelon
EBI Client: Exelon
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

EBI Completed the Unit 2 Isolation Phase Bus Duct Project 2 days ahead of schedule. There have been no problems with the systems operation since installation. Other Exelon plants are looking for them to do the same work at their plants.

Marv Evans, Project Manager, Exelon

EBI is a very professional company. They excel in silver plating, aluminum welding, rigging and lifting, non segmental and isolation phase bus ducts. They, to my knowledge, have the best moving devices for isolation bus duct of any company pursuing this work.

Marv Evans, Project Manager, Exelon

Why EBI:

We were called in for the Surry Nuclear isolated phase bus duct replacement project which required expertise to meet the stations demanding milestone timeline. The project presented multiple layers of complexity which benefited from EBI’s extensive isolated phase bus installation expertise and project continuity from similar nuclear projects.


  • The complete removal and replacement of Unit 3, and partial removal and replacement of Unit 2, IPBD systems and cooling units duct supply.
  • Installation of Delta Unibus isolated phase bus duct system.
  • Complete removal and re-installation of AHU duct work.
  • Complete removal and replacement of structural steel connected to the isophase and duct work.
  • Complete testing and isophase internal video inspection to verify work quality and ensure absence of FME.


  • We completed the isophase bus duct replacement in an unprecedented two full days ahead of schedule and with zero OSHA recordable incidents.
  • It was an amazing feat in the nuclear power generation industry.