Plant Name: Rio Nogales Power Plant
Project Location: Seguin, TX
Owner: CPS Energy
EBI Client: CPS Energy
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Why EBI:

CPS Energy needed isolated phase bus construction at the Rio Nogales Power Plant. EBI was called to bring their isophase experience and expertise to the project to get things done with the highest quality and safety in mind.


  • Layout and removal of existing isophase sections on units 3 & 4 as well as the unit 4 excitation IPB tap.
  • Layout and supply new retrofit isolated phase bus sections on unit 3 & 4
  • Layout and supply replacement isolated phase bus on unit 4 to excitation transformer tap.
  • Install new retrofit IPB sections on units 3 & 4 and replacement IPB to excitation transformer taps.
  • Supply and install retrofit dry air pressurization materials to accommodate the new generator breakers
  • Complete a final acceptance DC Hi-Pot of the IPB system after installation of retrofit bus sections.