Plant Name: Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station
Project Location: Delta, PA
Owner: Exelon
EBI Client: Exelon
0 OSHA recordable incidents
Project completed ahead of schedule

Electrical Builders was chosen to perform the work at Peach Bottom Nuclear because of the safe and stellar performance they gave at the previous 5 major EPU projects at other Exelon nuclear stations.

Project Director, Exelon

Your team was the best that I’ve ever worked with during my long career. There was always a major challenge every day that the team had to overcome, in order to keep the work moving forward and on schedule. They were the best.

Bill Carano, Project Consultant

Based on past performance history, we were expecting another solid performance and that is exactly what EBI delivered. We are very pleased with the outcome.

Project Manager, Exelon

Why EBI:

We were called on to provide isolated phase bus duct and generator bushing current transformer (CT) removal and replacement services, and took the project from start to finish.

Our work at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station represented our fifth major extended power uprate project for Exelon in recent years.


  • Removal of isolated phase bus duct.
  • Removal of air duct & support steel.
  • Modifications & installation of new IPBD (Powell Delta Unibus isolated phase bus duct system).
  • Removal 32 generator bushing current transformers (CT).
  • Replacement of 36 generator bushing current transformers (CT).
  • EPU project supervision.
  • IPBD upgrade labor services, miscellaneous materials, equipment & tools
  • Detailed rigging, scaffold and FME plans.
  • Schedule-logic for outage schedule.
  • Post installation Hi-Pot testing.
  • 24/7 welding.


  • Removal and replacement of multiple CT’s in a very short time frame.
  • A plant-wide stand down was issued due to a rigging failure by another contractor on site.
  • Once work resumed, we worked efficiently to make up for lost time and get back on schedule.


  • Peach Bottom represented the 5th major EPU project we’ve successfully completed for Exelon.
  • Despite an expanded scope, we completed the project 17-1/2 hours ahead of schedule.