TERRIFYING Things Found in Bus Duct

With HALLOWEEN right around the corner, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to CONJURE up this TERRIFYING video clip that gives you a SPINE-CHILLING peek into some of the SCARY things EBI has uncovered in bus duct and the importance of implementing a preventative bus duct inspection and maintenance schedule within your power generation fleet.

If your bus system has not been inspected by qualified personnel in the last 18-24 months, there is a good chance that your system could be HAUNTED and at risk. In fact, running to failure can cost up to 5 times as much as implementing a proactive, routine preventative maintenance plan. But don’t be AFRAID! An EXORCISM (routine maintenance and inspection, by qualified and trained personnel, such as EBI) is the most effective way to maintain the health of these system critical electrical components and mitigates opportunities for a forced outage. If you are left with an EERIE feeling of what could be lurking in your bus duct system, we DARE YOU to learn more.