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Since 1974, Electrical Builders Inc., (EBI) has been providing industry leading electrical, welding and testing services to power generation and utility clients across North America. EBI specializes in Isolated Phase Bus systems, Non-Seg Bus Systems, Bus Bar, Switchgear, GCB, Breaker and Bushing Replacement, Transformer Replacement and Retrofits, Critical Asset Life Extension Solutions, Preventative Maintenance and Condition Assessment Programs, Substation Welding, Megger, Tan Delta and Hi-Pot Testing, Contingency Planning, In-Field Metal Plating, Obsolete Component Refurbishment/Repair, Fabrication, Design Engineering and Parts Supply Services.

EBI’s exclusive 19-point isophase bus duct inspection process delivers the highest quality and most thorough inspection service in the industry.

EBI was the first isolated bus duct services contractor to develop and introduce environmentally friendly cryogenic cleaning for IPB internal components. Since then, we have continued to further refined our processes to be considered the experts in the industry. This is supported by the fact that we offer the best warranty in the industry. This process thoroughly cleans the inside of your bus duct system to remove any dust, debris, contaminants and more without leaving a residue.

In addition, our robotic crawler camera offers an internal IPB inspection service unavailable from others, with real-time video inspection which provides unprecedented system documentation and reports. Should system inconsistencies or areas of concern be identified during your inspection, EBI can provide the immediate in-field repair solutions need to allow you to get back online and return to service as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

EBI welcome’s the opportunity to meet with you and your team of associates to discuss your current and future bus duct maintenance, transformer-changeout, spare parts/components, and fabrication needs. Take advantage of scheduling a webinar or on-site visit with members of our technical team to discuss how we can put our expertise to work for you to guarantee success on your future projects. Please fill out the form below and our representatives will contact you to make arrangements meeting. If you have a topic of interest, we welcome your suggestions!

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