The EBI Difference

As the fall outage season nears, choosing an experienced and reputable contractor plays a critical role in your outage schedule and overall project success. Selecting a contractor based on price alone without properly vetting expertise, is not only risky; the consequences can be catastrophic. A key, yet often overlooked step in the procurement process when determining a contractor’s competency, and validating their ability to perform complex services. For over 46 years, EBI has demonstrated why we are the contractor of choice for complex medium and high voltage specialty electrical system projects. What makes EBI different?

Experience / Expertise: EBI is the nation’s leading specialty electrical and welding contractor. Our expertise is in providing turnkey isolated phase, non-segregated, segregated, and cable bus duct services and solutions. Drawing on over 200 years of combined in-house technical knowledge, EBI leads the industry with the highest level of experience, quality, and knowledge when it comes to successfully completing complex bus duct repair, refurbishment, installation, and replacement projects. EBI’s in-house and mobile onsite fabrication capabilities, along with our network of certified manufacturing alliances, allows us to shorten lead times and deliver unprecedented results. We take a cost-effective approach to needed repairs by utilizing reverse engineering solutions to conserve existing components, helping our clients get the most out of their systems. We have worked on all brands and designs of electrical bus duct, both current and obsolete. This allows us to provide custom solutions to unique challenges. In over 46 years of business, EBI has completed more than 3,600 projects, we have never missed a project deadline, and we have never had had a warranty claim.

Quality of Work: EBI’s quality is second to none. Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification validates our team’s dedication and commitment to ensuring our clients receive the utmost highest quality of craftsmanship while demonstrating our commitment to accountability and continuous process improvement. EBI self-performs all work and diligently follows strict internal audit and improvement processes.

Customer Satisfaction: EBI strives for an overall rating of ‘Superior’ or ‘Excellent’ on 100% of our project performance reviews. Our track record demonstrates our ability to get it right the first time. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations, ensuring peace of mind throughout every step of the project.

Response Time: When an unplanned outage occurs, time is money. EBI’s rapid response team specializes in emergency repair services and has been pioneering innovative emergency services and solutions for the power generation industry for over 46 years. Our goal is to improve productivity and efficiency. We are constantly developing and refining new solutions and investing in resources that provide the utmost added value to clients. As a testament to this, EBI developed a state-of-the-art mobile micro-factory that can mobilize to your plant within 24 hours to support your emergent fabrication needs; including onsite refurbishment, repair, or complete replacement of your IPB, NSB, XMFR Terminations, Enclosures, Switchgear and more. EBI’s R3 Contingency Unit is self-contained, self-powered and includes everything needed to begin work immediately upon arrival; including the ability to roll replacement isolated phase bus duct sections. The 24/7/365 onsite availability of this mobile micro-factory has proven to be invaluable for our clients’ emergency projects. Especially those that involve a transformer replacement since projects of this nature require expertise to ensure proper component fit-up, alignment and “on-discovery” solutions.

Safety Record: We believe every accident and injury is preventable, and our team takes that approach with every activity performed. EBI has an over 11 year track record with no Lost Time Incidents (LTI’s).

Diverse Supplier: Diversity and inclusion are hallmarks of how we do business. As a women and veteran owned company, diversity is in our blood.

If you are planning an upcoming outage, take advantage of scheduling a webinar with members of our technical team to discuss how we can put the EBI Difference to work for you to guarantee success on your future projects. Contact us today at 877-297-0616 or [email protected].