Was your spring outage rescheduled due to COVID?

Many clients had to reschedule their planned spring maintenance outage due to COVID. This has presented some uncertainty for many plants as we enter the summer ‘high demand’ season. The volume of unplanned outages is expected to rise due to the inability for many plants to perform planned spring preventative maintenance activities.

How may we help you?
With over 46 years dedicated to serving power generation facilities, EBI is the nation’s premier specialty electrical and welding contractor specializing in providing turnkey isolated phase, non-segregated, segregated, and cable bus services and solutions. From supply and fabrication thru installation, testing, repair, and maintenance; we are honored to be called, “The Bus Duct Experts” by so many in the power generation industry. Check out our Service Video to learn more!

Looking for a contactless proposal?
Although some onsite site visits were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EBI has continued to work with our clients to deliver safe online webinars, planned meetings, and contactless proposals. If you are planning an upcoming outage and would like to take advantage of our contactless proposal option, please reach out to us at 877-297-0616 or [email protected].