EBI’s Non-Segregated Bus Refurbishment & Repair

By March 23, 2021 March 24th, 2021 Blog, Services

Did you know that non-segregated bus bar insulation has a lifespan? In fact, numerous case studies have shown that cracked and deteriorated insulation, coupled with moisture and dirt/debris buildup, can lead to bus duct failure. Routine maintenance and inspection, by qualified and trained personnel, is the most effective way to maintain the health of these system critical electrical components and mitigate opportunities for a forced outage. If your non-seg bus system has not been inspected by qualified personnel in the last 24 months, there’s a good chance these conditions exist. Cleaning, refurbishment, and/or repairs are necessary to prevent a catastrophic failure. EBI leads the industry with our thorough electrical asset life extension and repair services; including emergency fabrication of obsolete or hard to procure replacement components. If the unexpected occurs, rest assured you can rely on EBI’s 47 years of experience to get you back online as quickly and safely as possible. If you have an upcoming maintenance outage planned, have critical projects that require bus duct expertise, have fabrication needs, or would like to learn more about extending the life of your electrical assets, contact us at 877-297-0616 or [email protected].