Isophase Replacement | 6th Exelon EPU Completed

By December 5, 2014 March 8th, 2016 Blog, Projects

We’ve successfully completed our 6th consecutive extended power uprate (EPU) project, including isophase replacement, for Exelon’s nuclear power plant fleet.

The most recent project, Peach Bottom Nuclear Unit 3 located in Delta, PA, was completed ahead of schedule without any lost time incidents.

The IPB replacement project included:

  • Complete isolated phase bus duct removal
  • Complete isophase replacement of new & larger Powell IPB
  • Removal & replacement of 36 line and neutral side generator bushing CTs
  • Complete robotic internal video inspection post job completion for final FME inspection and reiterating quality verification

“We are very proud of how our team worked together to deliver another successful isolated phase bus duct replacement project to our client. Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week takes a toll on a team if not properly trained and prepared for the extreme expectations that come with performing at a nuclear power plant outage. Once again, our team showed why EBI is leading the industrial electrical industry and pioneering new standards along the way.” – Derick Netter, EBI Director of Operations.

With four decades of specialty electrical & welding experience serving over 60% of North America’s nuclear power plant fleet, our seasoned team expects and prepares for projects with intense schedules and complexities.

“We had 24 days to complete a full isolated phase bus duct removal, replacement, CT removal & replacement, as well as a complete robotic video inspection. The experience and dedication of our team allowed us to overcome any project challenges in a safe and timely manner and to successfully complete the project 54 hours ahead of schedule with zero OSHA incidents. We have developed an extensive database of lessons learned over the past 40 years, and in particular, from previous isophase EPU projects. This database is an invaluable tool we regularly use to properly educate and train our crews before the project begins. This knowledge base allows us to overcome any obstacles in a timely and safe manner. Despite the naturally occurring safety hazards that come with working at a power generation facility, everyone did what they could to support the project and actively demonstrate their best continuous effort, working as fast as they humanly could in a safe manner with quality results.” – Fred Brandenburg, EBI Project Manager.

Successful projects such as Peach Bottom Nuclear start with pre-planning and in-depth job hazard analysis. With the proper provisions and training in place, we empower our people to integrate safety throughout every task. Our commitment to individual employee safety is essential and evident in all daily communications. When proper checks and balances in responsibility and accountability take place within all specialties, the result is an incident-free project.

“The best partnerships are when people come together to achieve a common goal. Both Exelon and EBI operate with the same foundational objectives: to keep our people safe and engaged in their work. Only through a team effort can extraordinary results be achieved, and these results were accomplished every time.” – Brenda Lovitz, EBI Safety Specialist.

The safe and timely completion of a single EPU project is impressive, in and of itself. For us to have the opportunity to perform on six consecutive major EPU projects within the past four years is a major milestone for our organization and speaks greatly to the quality of our work. Many companies with such a successful track record may become complacent, but not us. We continue to look for opportunities to raise the bar with every aspect of our business.

Most notably, 100% of the post-job performance reviews we receive from clients have rated us as “superior” or “excellent” on all factors… In fact, the previous five EPUs we’ve performed, 99% of the reviews were returned with similar scores.

Our standard rating criteria includes:
• Quality & safety
• Reliability & responsibility
• Knowledge of the job
• Communication & cooperation
• Judgment
• Overall Satisfaction

“EBI’s team was flexible working through project changes that were needed to keep the project moving forward. Their team had a very thorough knowledge of the work that was required and developed the most efficient means to accomplish the scope. Minor issues that arose were responded to in a timely and professional manner and the project was performed safely and efficiently with attention to detail. I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.”

 – Richard Bryan, Exelon Project Manager

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