EBI Completes Exelon’s Quad Cities Upgrade Project

By August 19, 2011 January 4th, 2016 Projects

Electrical Builders, Inc. (EBI®) has successfully performed a complete Isolated Phase Bus replacement on Unit 1 of the Quad Cities Nuclear Plant owned by Exelon Nuclear. According to Brian Wahlheim, Quad Cities Nuclear Plant Project Manager, his team was very pleased with EBI’s quality performance during the spring outage of 2011, “In addition to a quality job well done, the improvement in the FME practices and procedure adherence was noticed not only by my project team but also by station management.”

The replacement process included the complete removal of the Isolated Phase Bus, support steel and air handling system. The EBI team also reinstalled the subsequent replacement modifications for the new IPBD system to include post installation testing.  A comprehensive video inspection of the entire system and a final Hi Pot were conducted prior to closing the project. The entire project was completed with zero OSHA recordable incidents and 43.5 hours ahead of schedule. EBI’s quality performance was rewarded with a contract to perform similar work at Exelon’s Dresden Nuclear Plant in Morris, IL this fall.

Eric Netter, EBI Co-Owner and VP Construction, expressed his excitement about the Quad Cities project completion when he stated, “Part of EBI’s core competency includes adherence to total quality and process improvement. One of the enhancements that EBI made on this project was the use of proprietary FME products that EBI designed and implemented. We proved our adherence to our FME work instructions by doing a complete and comprehensive video inspection of the entire system prior to closing it and doing the final Hi Pot test. The video found no FME and the Hi pot test passed with flying colors.”

Constance Netter, EBI President and CEO, stated, “This project is yet another example of EBI’s adherence to our company mission statement: To be the Premier National Installation Contractor of High Power Conductor Systems. I am very proud of our entire team.”