PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Complete Non-Seg Refurbishment & Repair

By October 26, 2023 October 30th, 2023 Blog, Projects, Services
PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: During this project, EBI arrived on site to assess a non-segregated bus system that appeared degraded and was failing a megger test. Due to the poor condition and amount of deterioration, it was determined EBI would disassemble and collect the information needed to put together a complete refurbishment and repair plan to bring the system back to safe and operatable condition.
On the seconded mobilization, EBI removed all bus bars, insulators, and support blocks for refurbishment or replacement. All bars were silver plated and new heat shrink was applied. All insulators were cryogenically cleaned and hand wiped, insulator supports, and all hardware were replaced with new. EBI ordered boots for all joints except for the T’s which were meshed and taped. EBI installed new moisture barrier at the wall plates, applied new gasket material on all covers and the expansion joints, installed all new ground bar, and painted the inside of the enclosure. EBI supplied new braids for the expansion joints and the LV bushing connections, and all connections were torqued, DLRO’d, photographed and documented. Upon successful completion of the project, EBI cleaned up their work areas and demobilized.
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