EBI’s work at Indian Point

Check out this time lapse video at Entergy’s Indian Point Nuclear Plant during last year’s IP3 31 main transformer replacement. Watch closely and you’ll see EBI’s expertise in action as they worked to replace/repair their isophase bus system and get them back online as quickly and safely as possible!

EBI fabricated and installed new enclosure covers for the damaged sections of the IPB (approximately 60′), fabricated and supplied new isolation parts, hardware & braids, removed and reinstalled doghouses from the GSU, replaced damaged hi-side open air bus and provided and installed braids on both GSUs.

EBI is the contractor of choice for leading power generation facilities to repair, retrofit, replace or modify system critical electrical components such as the isolated phase bus duct system.  Selecting an experienced, versatile and reputable contractor is a significant factor in successful, safe and timely project completion. Contact EBI at 877-297-0616 or [email protected] and ask them to put their over 40 years of project experience to work for you on your next GSU or transformer change out project.