Did you know welding defects and discontinuity are the most common ways an asset or critical equipment can be put at risk?

By September 21, 2021 Blog, Services

The demand for quality is critical in the power generation industry. When QA/QC is not treated as a priority throughout every stage of a project; mistakes are made, reliability is compromised, and safety is threatened. This is why validating a contractor’s reputation on past project performance is a critical step in the sourcing/procurement process to ensure they have the expertise to perform complex services, while still delivering the utmost quality. Selecting the lowest bidder without considering the value of quality and expertise, often results in costly rework, additional downtime, and even failure.

One of the most common misconceptions EBI faces when discussing the importance of weld quality with clients is that they are all created equal. When in fact, welding defects and discontinuity are the most common ways an asset or critical equipment can be put at risk. Especially those that are designed to carry current, such as the electrical bus duct system. Inadequate or non-existent aluminum bus duct welds lack proper fusion; causing porosity, surface irregularity, and discontinuity. These critical inconsistencies can be catastrophic if not detected and properly repaired during proactive routine preventative maintenance.

EBI has a rigorous Bus Duct Technician training program that goes above and beyond American Welding Society (AWS) code requirements. Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification further validates our team’s dedication and commitment to ensuring our clients receive the utmost highest quality of craftsmanship. In addition, EBI strives for an overall rating of ‘Superior’ or ‘Excellent’ on 100% of our project performance reviews. Our track record demonstrates our ability to get it right the first time. As a testament to this, in over 47 years of business, we have never missed a project deadline, and we are the only bus duct service and maintenance contractor that has never had a warranty claim.

If you have upcoming projects that require critical bus duct welding expertise, have a transformer change-out planned, or need custom onsite fabrication of obsolete electrical bus duct components, give a call at 877-297-0616. Want to see what our clients say about EBI’s quality and expertise? Visit: https://www.electricalbuilders.com/about/testimonials/.