Experience servicing the specialty non-seg bus duct and isolated phase bus duct needs of power plants around the globe.

R3 Contingency Plan

The R3 is an all-in-one, on site service and installation vehicle equipped to handle everything needed to repair, refurbish or completely replace electrical bus duct systems. The mobile work station, available 24/7/365, is designed to increase efficiency and improve communication between field installers, machinist technicians, engineers and plant personnel

Industrial Electrical

Since 1974, EBI has the experience that gives us the perspective on plant maintenance issues and profitability concerns, allow us to deliver services that increase the return on investment. Our services help reduce costs, create efficiencies and maintain stringent quality measures.

Mobile Welding

EBI was founded with the goal of becoming the leading aluminum bus duct welding service provider. Our range of welding services includes a team certified to perform visual weld inspections on all welds, we also ensure a quality job.

Replacement Parts & Fabrication

EBI is able to assist to improve upon safety, efficiency and longevity of your system or the need for a replacement part with our replacement parts and fabrication capabilities. We are regularly developing new products to resolve bus duct issues that arise during operation.

Silver Plating

Improved bus joints that help maximize efficiencies and reduce future maintenance costs. Remedy isolated phase bus and non-seg bus bar abnormalities and inefficiencies with in-field, on apparatus silver plating repair.

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