PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: System Improvements

By November 10, 2023 December 1st, 2023 Blog, Projects, Services
PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: For nearly 50 years, power generation and utility clients across the nation, have turned to EBI’s extensive bus duct expertise to extend the life of their system critical electrical assets in order to keep their plants running at peak performance. Many times, some of the most common issues are often mistakenly overlooked. Broken support biscuits can cause misalignment issues and put added stress on insulators. Insufficient welds can create hot spots and electric discharge. Loose or improperly sealed bellows can lead to water and foreign material damage. Left uncorrected, these issues can quickly manifest and become dangerous and costly if not foreseen and corrected by properly trained and experienced personnel, like EBI.
EBI’s fleet wide routine preventative maintenance and system improvements have proven to dramatically prolong existing metal enclosed bus systems and mitigate forced outages. If you have an upcoming maintenance outage planned, have critical projects that require bus duct expertise, have fabrication needs, or would like to learn more about saving money with EBI’s fleet wide Maintenance & Service Agreement, give us a call at 877-297-0616.